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How is my order sent?

By Royal Mail.  See our 
Delivery Policy section here

2. It's a present what if the recipient doesn't like it?

You can return it within 14 working days. See our 
Returns Policy section here

3. How do I know what size to order?

Please refer to the 
Size & Length Guide section here

4. My skin is sensitive will it react against my skin?

We have no reported cases of irritation caused by our jewellery

5. Does it tarnish over time?

It has a Rhodium finish which helps prevent tarnishing

6. How do I clean it?

Just a gentle rub with a microfiber cloth will do

7. How should I care for my Falabella Jewellery?

Careful handling of your Falabella product will be rewarded with many years of enjoyment. Finger marks and the dulling caused by day-to-day wear can be removed by lightly polishing with a microfibre cloth. Please note: Excessive rubbing may damage the protective coatings applied to some metals.

Other simple guidelines include:

· Do not spray perfume or other solvents on to jewellery.
· Always store your jewellery carefully after wearing.
· Do not use silver dips.
· Sandblasted finishes can be cleaned with a soft eraser.
· Do not wear whilst swimming.

8. Are Falabella Products Hallmarked?

Yes, Falabella products are hallmarked where required, any article of silver with a weight of more than 7.8g legally has to be hallmarked in the United Kingdom. All Falabella products meet this requirement, the products within our range which are hallmarked are as follows:

BR01, BR02, BR04, BR05, BR06, BR07, BR08, BR09, BR10, BR11, BR12, BR13, BR14, BR16, BR17, BR20, SP01, PD06, PD16 and PD17

Also, the United Kingdom has been a signatory to the International Convention on Hallmarks since 1972. This means that UK Assay Offices can strike the Convention Hallmark which will then be recognised by all member countries in the International Convention. Conversely, Convention Hallmarks from other member countries are legally recognised in the UK.  Articles bearing the Convention Hallmarks do not have to be re-hallmarked in the UK.  Falabella products carries the Convention Hallmark.


Falabella Jewellery (UK) Limited is registered with the Sheffield Assay Office, ensuring our precious metal jewellery is compliant with the UK’s hallmarking regulations. All stock is subject to an internal confirmation process to ensure it meets the UK’s hallmarking regulations before it is dispatched to our customers.

We are an Assay Assured Jewellery Retailer. Assay Assured status is only given to retailers who have been independently audited and verified by Assay Assured which is run and overseen by the Edinburgh Assay Office, and ensures that all precious metal jewellery (except items exempt by weight) are independently tested and hallmarked.


9. What metal is the Falabella Jewellery made from?

Every piece is individually designed by Falabella in 925 sterling silver with a brilliant no tarnish rhodium finish.

All items carry a 925. stamp and the falabella logo.

10. I live in the USA.  Who pays Customs Duty?

When we deliver overseas (ie outside the United Kingdom and European Union) you may be subject to import duties and taxes within your own Country . Any additional duties, taxes or costs remain your responsibility. Overseas import duties and tax may vary significantly from country to country so you should contact your local customs office if you need information, advice or assistance. You remain the actual importer of the goods you have ordered from us and you must therefore comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you receive delivery.